Kitty’s Journey to Joseph’s House

The journey to Joseph’s House began for me rather abruptly in May of 2004 when one of our children was in an accident that resulted in a life-threatening, critical injury. The day after this event I found my rosary which had not seen the light of day since childhood. I promised the Lord that day that if He gave me my child back I would do whatever He wanted me to do in thanksgiving for the gift of his life.

The doctors did not give us much hope. I only prayed for Our Lord to let me bring him home. My fractured prayers and imperfect rosaries were heard and so many miracles occurred in the following months that my son did come home, walking, talking, laughing. Any doctor who viewed his records or MRI’s had no explanation as to why he was alive.

The following three years were challenging for all of us as he strived to gain all he had lost. It seemed as if it was two steps forward and three steps back for a very long time, but Our Lord and Our Lady were there for me at every difficult turn.

You might wonder why so many of my prayers were answered when so many others think their prayers are not even heard. All I can tell you is I prayed constantly, no matter where I was or what I was doing, I prayed. I offered myself and all of our trials to the Lord. I prayed 3-5 rosaries a day and added an extra decade for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to teach me what the Lord wanted me to do and to know. I prayed for understanding and wisdom so I would make the correct decisions for my child and for our family. A setback in 2006 led me to daily mass. The illness of my dad in’06 and ’07 and his death in 2008 were instrumental in more spiritual growth.

Throughout these years there were daily consecrations, many trips to the confessional, scripture readings and as often as possible reading the Liturgy of the Hours. Since many hours were spent in the kitchen preparing specific foods for my child, I would watch EWTN and pray with Mother Angelica.

I learned so much during these years, but I still did not know how God wanted me to show my thanks to Him. I tried different volunteer opportunities and though they all added to my spiritual growth they were not the answer. Finally on March 19th, 2009 through a series of events, I found myself standing and praying on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood.

I knew I had found my place, I knew I was where God wanted me, but I didn’t know why. My routine began that day, daily mass and reception of the Most Holy Eucharist, the rosary at Planned Parenthood followed by Adoration. This continued 1-2 times a week for the next year.

March19, 2010, I could not wait to get to PP! It was a beautiful day, the first one it seemed since winter had begun. I realized this year that it was St. Joseph’s Day. I prayed my rosary, wished a Good Morning and God Bless to all who passed, or entered and exited PP, as I handed out rosaries. I couldn’t wait to get to Adoration after that. I felt so blessed, so joy-filled, so filled with Thanksgiving with all God had given me, I just couldn’t wait to spend one on one time with Our Lord! I went to Adoration and there was a women there. She asked if I was staying because she had to leave to pick up her car where it was being serviced. I assured her I would take care of the tabernacle and candles and knelt down to pray.

I said to Our Lord, “Wow, wouldn’t it be great if we had an Adoration Chapel behind the dealership where our customers and employees could go to pray?” Now, I did not get an audible answer

or anything, but I knew He was receptive to my thoughts. I then continued the one-sided conversation by saying, “Well, that will never happen, because who could take care and watch over an Adoration Chapel?” As soon as I finished the thought another one popped into my head, “Well, if there was a home where we helped pregnant girls and women, we could all take care of an Adoration Chapel and watch over it.” Immediate laughter and chuckling in my head, “Lord, how am I going to build a house and an Adoration Chapel on my husband’s land behind HIS business? ” Immediate response in my head, “Start with a garden.”
The garden went in 2 months later (May 2010) with a lot of help from the Hubbard and Seiler families. The impact was immediate. Friends and employees and their families working on a project to help the neighborhood. My hope had been for the neighbors to become involved and although that didn’t happen the first couple years it is beginning to happen now.

May 2011 brought our beautiful new, four foot, Lady Of Grace to our humble little corner. With Her came many new visitors, and many amazing stories of faith. The neighbors now began coming by and thanking us for making their neighborhood a little lovelier and a little more special. Friends and family would spend an extra minute in prayer when they stopped in or drove by. Our Lady could offer people a place to relax and reflect on the goodness of God in their lives and the sacrifice of her Son.

The first part of my directive from Adoration was accomplished. The spring of 2012 the garden grew larger, and garnered even more attention. I was still sticking to my routine of frequent confession, mass, PP and Adoration. I told Our Lord if He really wanted me to build a home for women facing a crisis pregnancy, I was going to need a person who knew how to build things. Specifically houses, web-sites, and business plans. I would need people who knew people; like contractors and architects who would donate their time and talent. I would also have to be relieved of some of my responsibilities at home and at our parish. In return for these favors I told Him I would go out of my comfort zone to do whatever it was He wanted me to do to get this mission started.

I continued my routine and Our Lord lightened my load. More help at home, more help at church. In October of 2012 I went to the Catholic Women’s Conference. I had signed up for it in previous years but never made it because I’m not comfortable in crowded venues. I went anyway. I can’t say I was comfortable at the beginning of the day, but by the end of the day I was very thankful I had attended.

The following Monday I received a phone call from Jeanie Owens from 40 Days for Life, who told me she had spoken to another women at the conference who shared the same dream I did, to build a home for women facing a crisis pregnancy. She gave me Maria Miller’s number and my life hasn’t been the same since!

I called Maria and told her about my inspiration and dream and said, “I have the land, but I don’t know how to build anything. I don’t know how to build houses. I don’t know anything about computers, or web-sites, and I don’t know a lot of people because my life has been at home.” Maria replied, ” Well, I’ve worked with Habitat for Humanity for 5 years, worked on the Extreme Makeover Home in Geneva and worked on the Masterpole Project in Mattydale.” She wasn’t finished, “I know a lot of people that could help with this project like builders and architects and my brothers design web-sites and work in all kinds of computer related businesses”

I met Maria the following Saturday at the Friends For Life breakfast and have spent more time with her since November of 2012 than I have with my mom! Maria and her brother Barry are the answers to all the prayers I’ve prayed since God put this
mission in my heart on St. Joseph’s Day, 2010. They are the jet engines that have propelled this project forward and have brought us to this point in our brief six month history.

We have found our house, (which is another three page story!) and are now trying to raise the funds to purchase, remodel and sustain it for the next three years. We need prayers, and we need to raise a substantial amount of cash. Please support our mission so we may transform the lives of these women and save the lives of their babies! May God Bless You Abundantly!