image of mother and childOur mission…Joseph’s House promotes the sanctity of life and the dignity of women by providing a nurturing home for mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy. The physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the mother and her baby are cared for through the loving direction of staff members and access to resources including, educational, occupational and spiritual in the Catholic tradition, giving them the opportunity to achieve their God-given potential.







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Forget me not kits


The Life Skills Class at Joseph’s House touch on a variety of important parenting issues.
Recently, the Forget-Me-Not kits were developed to assist parents and caregivers that often
become distracted by hectic schedules, or confusion in their routine. After the mothers of
Joseph’s House reviewed recent news stories, telling how infants are sometimes forgotten in
their car seats, an idea was sparked to come up with a proactive solution. During their recent
Life Skills training classes the mothers and staff at Joseph’s House came up with a wonderful
and practical solution; The Forget-Me-Not kits.
These kits include eye-catching cues to remind caregivers of their precious cargo.
It contains six helpful items like the brightly colored forget-me-not (felt) bloom with child-safe
clip. This sits in the infant’s car seat. then, whenever the child is buckled in, the bloom is
removed and clipped onto the parent’s keyring, purse, or briefcase, where it serves as a visual
reminder while the child is on-board.
For more details of the kits contents and to purchase email below:

Each kit is $11 (Two for more, are $10)
All proceeds go to Joseph’s House for Women and the Forget-Me-Not Project

A Message to Our Supporters
This evening, Joseph’s House is a true home in every sense. The warm kitchen is alive
with activity as infants chew on teething rings, bang rattles on high chairs, and babble their
own sweet language. Parents divide cooking chores and chat about their busy day. One
resident collects dinnerware for the family’s meal together, while another carefully prepares
hard-boiled eggs to be stuffed with a savory filling. These friends encourage one another in
recent strides, and draw from the positive example each woman sets for the others.
Though heavy-eyed from lack of sleep, a happy mom beams confidence as she
recounts her high test scores at school today. After earning her GED, she intends to gain
specialized training in hospice care. It is her calling to help people through difficult and
sometimes lonely times in life. “I am going to work really hard to be a good role model for my
daughter,” she confides. Her motivation, snuggled in a pink bassinet, snoozes amid the noise.
Staff explains a local organization’s class in palliative care, and that after becoming
certified, many enter a large pool of healthcare workers. The true gems, she is told, will stand
out and be in high demand for the places where they are needed most. To this challenge, the
resident’s response is quick. “Then I will be a gem!” Her declaration comes with an additional
note of promise as she outlines more plans for the future; to work her way through nursing
school, and one day become an RN. A housemate shares that she also has high aspirations,
and would ultimately like to study veterinary medicine. We are overjoyed to hear this individual
has just been accepted to take the civil service exam. It is her first step toward finding a good
job with benefits, which will allow her to support her family, and eventually begin college
courses. Her determination to accomplish each goal she sets, has paved the way for other
residents to dare to consider the possibilities ahead.
As the long table is made ready for dinner, including a customary place reserved for our
patron St. Joseph, a pile of cookbooks sits on one end. Later, residents will leaf through the
marked pages during Life Skills class. Tonight’s instruction is a continuation of event planning.
They’ve already chosen the theme for their holiday party. Now, a menu must be composed,
and ideas for decorations, developed. This year’s Christmas celebration will be especially
meaningful for everyone. All are bright with fresh outlook & anticipation, a sense of peaceful
security has replaced uncertainty & fear. As the young women speak enthusiastically about
establishing traditions with their own families, a resident advisor offers tips on proper table
setting for a formal occasion. Genuine interest is expressed in mastering this example of
etiquette in order to pass it on to another generation. Such simple but beautiful, memories-inthe-
making, seem to unfold and mulitply like dozens of petals springing from single rosebuds.
Because of your prayers, love, and support, these young moms can begin to blossom to
their full potential, for you have provided a safe haven of learning and growth. It is truely a
place where dreams can become reality. In your readiness to be coworkers with Our Father in
heaven, and by your tenderness to be inspired by His Holy Family, you have built with us, a
sturdy house of new beginnings.
As our second year approaches, we humbly ask that you remember our ongoing needs
in sustaining this important ministry of life. We pray that you will be blessed in a special way,
for lending your hearts to God’s will, and for answering His call on behalf of precious babies
and their brave young mothers. With your continued partnership, we can look forward to -
opening our doors of hope to many more who seek help to help themselves,
and to keeping this place of opportunity alive for all those who call it home.
In sincerest gratitude, House Manager, Val Rotella & The entire Joseph’s House family


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Father and maker of all, you adorn all creation with splendor and beauty, and fashion human lives in your image and likeness. Awaken in every heart reverence for the work of your hands, and renew among your people a readiness to nurture and sustain your precious gift of life. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever.


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